Flash Steam

Flash Steam during Boiler Blowdown
Input Data Units: MKS - Capacity-kg/hr,Press- kg/cm2 ; SI - Capacity-kg/s, Press-bar; FPS- Capacity-lb/hr,Press- psi;
MKS Units: Temp-°C; Conductivity-Kcal/Hr/M/C; Dyn. Viscosity-Kg/M/S; Kin.Viscosity-m²/S; Sp.Heat-Kcal/Kg/C; Density-Kg/m³; Pressure - Kg/cm²;Calorific Value-kcal/kg

Flash Steam Calculations

What is this´┐Ż
The program calculates the flash steam genertaed during blowdown operation of the boilers

Why do you need this
This is useful for estimating the heat loss during blowdown and plan for it's effective use else where like Dearators.

Input/Output Data
User can select any one of the Units and furnish the boiler data like capacity, pressure and blowdown percent. Superheat steam temp is not required. Once the user clicks the RUN>> button, the software carryout the required calculations and displays the result. The output data consists of Flash steam generated as well as it's percent share of total blowdown water.

Areas where these calculations are useful and for whom

This data is useful for design engineers, boiler practicing engineers, consultants and boiler operating engineers.