Do you know how much will it cost for a one percent efficiency loss on a typical Industrial Boiler? It’s not just the economic loss, it’s also the loss of precious fuel and it adds to environmental pollution. With this in view, we at FireCAD strive to help both Design Engineers and end-users to carry out accurate designs of different types of Steam Generators.

The idea to develop a tool in the form of software was conceived in the year 2002. The same year FirCAD Technologies was founded by technocrat Shri. Narasimha Patrudu. A Post Graduate in Thermal Engineering from NIT, his experience was mainly in the design and engineering of various types of Industrial steam generators like Heat Recovery Boilers and Biomass Boilers. Over the span of the next 3 years, Software for the design of these Boilers was developed and released. Located in Pune, India, now FireCAD helps design Engineers across different fields and countries with accurate and quick design solutions. In India, more than twenty cogen plants are successfully running with FireCAD designed Boilers for several years now with Boiler capacities ranging from 10,000 kg/hr up to 120,000 kg/hr. Another 140 TPH boiler is under construction in India at Harsha Sugars. One of the World’s biggest Bagasse boilers with 250,000 kg/hr steam capacity in Thailand, was designed using FireCAD software. And expanding free online calculations to help Engineers with day-to-day calculations.